Toronto Globe and Mail
"...a ringing resonance for us today."
Toronto Star
"Great TV...Series pulls few punches exploring brutal efforts to eradicate heresy."
The Guardian
"TV series casts 'black legend' of the Inquisition in a new light..."
Daily Telegraph
"The four-part documentary draws on research gleaned from Vatican archives..."
The Chronicle Herald
"A compelling exploration of the Inquisition..."
Sydney Herald
"Complex..gripping...outstanding telly."
"Secret Files of the Inquisition brings to life chilling incidents through the actual words..."
The Canadian Jewish News
"Secret Files of the Inquisition is compelling TV, a window into a terrible era..."
The Wall Street Journal
"It has also attracted some controversy... "
BBC Radio audio file
"BBC Radio interview with director David Rabinovitch..."
Christian Science Monitor
"...couldn't be more timely. "
Toledo Blade
"An inside look at the Inquisition. "
Hollywood Reporter
"Too terribly true "
The Forward
"A Series Defies Easy Answers to Inquisition's Questions"
The Tidings
"Secret Files Unveiled "
Catholic League News Release
Statement by the Catholic League in response to the PBS airing in the US
The Jerusalem Post
For Heretics' Sake
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
"Serious look at a brutal era"
Bloomberg News
"Why God made docudramas"