Historian of the Catholic Church and authority on the Spanish Inquisition
Writer and Distinguished Research Professor at Northern Illinois University, Stephen Haliczer is one of the leaders of the "new Inquisition scholarship". His book on Valencia's inquisitorial tribunal, Inquisition and Society in the Kingdom of Valencia (University of California Press, 1990) is one of the pioneering studies of a local inquisitorial tribunal. His most recent book, From Exaltation to Infamy; Female Mystics in the Golden Age of Spain, which was published by Oxford University Press in the Spring of 2002, uses Inquisition case files to compare women mystics punished by the Holy Office with those who (like Saint Teresa), were accepted by the wider society. He has been visiting professor at the Universidad de Alcalà de Henares (Spain) the École Prátique des Hautes Études (Sorbonne, Paris) and Catholic University in Santiago, Chile.
During the last 6 years Dr. Haliczer has changed his focus to developing simulations and games for learning and the commercial market. He is the developer of "Surviving the Spanish Inquisition," "Making Saints," "Paths to Innovation," and the new board game "Vatican" which will be published by the College of DuPage Press in early 2006. Information about the game can be accessed at He is presently working on a timeline of Catholic Church history which will be published in both a printed and digital version. Dr. Haliczer also has a blog which deals with current issues affecting the Catholic Church in historical context.
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