A desperate young wife and mother whose family will be torn apart by the Spanish Inquisition.

The highest judge in Aragon, accused of conspiracy to assassinate the Inquisitor.

The spiritual Friar whose Protestant teachings land him in the cells of the Venetian Inquisition.

Spends 17 years as a mole in the Spanish Inquisition and exposes its files to the world for the first time.

A Jewish father who devotes his life to getting back his son who has been kidnapped by the Inquisition in the 19th century.

Priests of an alternative Christian sect hunted down as the most prized fugitives of the Medieval Inquisition.

The fanatical monk who creates the Roman Inquisition and leaves a legacy as the most hated pope in history.

The 13th century noblewoman whose affair with the village priest puts her under suspicion with the Inquisitor.

Cinfa Cacavi

Jaime de Montessa

Baldo Lupetino

Juan Llorente

Momolo Mortara

The Good Men

Giovanni Carafa

Beatrice de Planisoles